The Campus MLK Vision

Campus MLK is the community arts center deconstructed and the neighborhood united through creativity, communication, and exploration. The project collapses the distinction between where students live and where they learn.

Youth feel welcomed to traverse from site to site as comfortably as one would on an academic campus, enlivening the streets with purposeful activity.

Aimlessness will be traded for engagement as young neighbors focus on contributing, collaborating, and completing expressive work.

Participants will extend their collaboration by producing and promoting four events– all of which will take place in the Hilltop neighborhood, through which Martin Luther King Jr. Way (MLK) runs as a vital artery.

Every organization involved in this project has made it a part of their mission to serve Hilltop youth by providing them safe spaces and creative activities that challenge them to express themselves, grow skills, and build character.

Campus MLK unites its collaborators under a group-created project mission: block by block, building connections for youth to access the best in local culture.

Contact Campus MLK through email at, facebook, and twitter.


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