Campus MLK Core Curriculum

Campus MLK’s five initial grassroots arts organizations invite your Hilltop organization to partner with us, investing and engaging with Tacoma’s Hilltop youth by developing a neighborhood communications plan.

Inspired by the campus setting of a higher educational institution, we are creating a way to dynamically connect with service providers throughout the Hilltop and share resources with youth so they can access the very best in the cultural offerings right in their own neighborhood.

We like to describe Campus MLK is the community arts center deconstructed and the neighborhood united through creativity, communication, and exploration. The project collapses the distinction between where students live and where they learn.

Our end goal is to create, with the guidance of our youth advisory board, a kind of “course catalogue” for Hilltop, as well as four signature Campus MLK events to share information and to celebrate.

Want to be Campus MLK “faculty” and help us provide our “neighborhood curriculum”?

It would be a privilege to include your organization as part of Campus MLK: just provide us with:
– a good contact within your organization,
– the opportunity to share information about your organization with our young neighbors, and
– an open invitation to join in any of the Campus MLK activities and gatherings.

email to join us.



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