Beautiful Angle and Campus MLK

Each year, Beautiful Angle hosts a very popular holiday party and poster sale, and this year, the exciting event will happen in Hilltop.

What is Beautiful Angle? Beautiful Angle is a Tacoma guerrilla arts poster project. Approximately once per month since October 2002, graphic designer Lance Kagey and writer Tom Llewellyn create original hand-crafted letterpress posters and distribute them around the city’s downtown core via wheat paste and staples.

Hilltop fixture Fulcrum Gallery presents Beautiful Angle’s newest show, The Mystery/Myth Folio, and will celebrate the opening with the annual holiday poster sale on November 30th. This exhibition will share the original works featured in their new, limited edition, 30-page book of posters, each exploring a different aspect of Tacoma’s own mythology. The Folio is made possible thanks to a City of Tacoma arts grant.

From the Books Arts Guild site: “Tom Llewellyn and Lance Kagey take a very exploratory approach to the book arts, creating broadsides and other paper ephemera to engage the larger community in thought conversation. Asked often if they have an agenda, they sidestep with self-effacing comments about pedestrian art. Their latest efforts have been focused on the myth and mystery of Tacoma, telling pseudo-historic legends of what they often refer to as ‘The Holy City set on a hill.’ ”

2012 marks the Beautiful Angle’s 10th anniversary so this will most definitely be a show and a party to remember. And the Beautiful Angle sale is more than just an opportunity to get your hands on your favorite posters from months gone by; this year Beautiful Angle will be donating the poster sale proceeds to Campus MLK. See, there’s no reason to miss this incredible event. See you on the 30th!


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