Thank you to Beautiful Angle, 1022 South, & Write@253

We had an amazing time on November 30th, celebrating the debut of Beautiful Angle‘s new project The Mystery/Myth Folio at Fulcrum Gallery. The annual Beautiful Angle Holiday Event wasn’t just a poster sale this year: the famous guerrilla street art team also celebrated 10 years of artmaking, and all proceeds from the poster sale were donated to support Campus MLK and Write@253.

This event is very popular and this year was no exception. Hundreds of art-loving Tacomans packed Fulcrum Gallery wall to wall, dug through the poster table to find their favorites, enjoyed Beautiful Angle’s beautiful large-scale prints, and took a breather next door at the Write@253 space. Local cocktail bar 1022 South generously donated wine, making Write@253 a great place to escape the happy crush of people in Fulcrum.

The whole 13th block of MLK was lively and bright that night – people checked out the activities at Fab-5 and 2nd Cycle, and enjoyed a bite to eat at the vegan restaurant Hillside Quickie. Thanks to Tacoma’s appreciation for local art, Campus MLK was alive with fun and activity, just the way we hope to see it every day!

Thanks to Jessica Uhler for the great photos.

Beautiful Angle 1130 3 Beautiful Angle 1130 2 Beautiful Angle 1130 12 Beautiful Angle 1130 11 Beautiful Angle 1130 10 Beautiful Angle 1130 9 Beautiful Angle 1130 8 Beautiful Angle 1130 7 Beautiful Angle 1130 6 Beautiful Angle 1130 5 Beautiful Angle 1130 4


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