Find your Voice with the Hilltop Womens Writing Collective

Hilltop Womens Writing CollectiveEvery third Saturday, join local writers at Write@253 for support, feedback, and opportunities to learn. Says Kristin Kendle in the Weekly Volcano:

From the Bronte sisters to Maya Angelou to J.K. Rowling, women writers have oft changed the face of the literary world.

In Tacoma, the Hilltop Women’s Writing Collective seeks to build a community of women from all backgrounds, all ages and all writing levels into a once-monthly mingling of talent and ideas. The group has met on the third Sunday of each month since November 2012 – the brain child of 2011 UPS graduate Olivia Weitz and Mary Fox of Write@253.

Girl power!

“Because The Hilltop Women’s Writing Collective provides a variety of workshops that are free to all women who enter 1310 MLK Way, I hope women from various stages of writing development and expertise will come to share their ideas, their processes and will feel supported as we continue to transform our imaginations into physical structures,’ says Necashaw Montgomery, coordinator of the writing group.

Watch their facebook page and website for updates, and send them an email at if you have any questions!

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