Write@253 shares poetry in a downtown alley

SIDEWALKS by Kellie Richardson

These sidewalks don’t lie
cuz they don’t have to
No embellishments necessary
The truth is richer than the Ruston well-to-do
My sidewalks make concrete a red carpet.
This is where we roll deep,
and love sweet.
Love hard like gangbusters,
like fruit fresh off the vine,
like we were never hurt….

The creative kids and adults at Write@253 are celebrating a new art installation in downtown Tacoma. A Spaceworks Tacoma project, the Write@253 writers have created a poetry installation in an alley.


“Like a good poem, an alley is honest, stripped down, unadorned, offering moving, breath-taking , sometimes terrifying glimpses of beauty and ugliness. With loving care and a little sunlight, a rose garden can flourish in an alley. A guy can huddle in a doorway for the night, protected from the wind and rain. An alley is real life.

“So we are thrilled that the Court C alley between South 11th and South 9th streets has become a canvas for language and art. We hope it’s just the first of many such transformations, and the write@253 team is looking forward to working with others in our community to insert more poetry into the daily lives of Tacomans”

Learn more about their process here, and visit the alley in real life on South 11th St. & Court C in downtown Tacoma.

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