Five grassroots arts organizations, The DASH Center, Fab-5Write@253The Warehouse, and Post Defiance are a united collective: CAMPUS MLK.

These committed partners are building connections between expressive offerings in the Hilltop neighborhood to give youth the most and best opportunities available in their neighborhood.

Tacoma’s Hilltop is home to dozens of community organizations, agencies, and businesses who offer creative opportunities to our young neighbors: Campus MLK reaches out and shares these opportunities in a comprehensive and captivating way, allowing youth to pick and choose, using their neighborhood as a student would a campus.

Project Mission: “Block by block, building connections for youth to connect to the best in local culture.”

Are you a Hilltop organization that would like to be represented as a Campus MLK curriculum provider? Just fill our this 15 question survey  and we will include you in the 2013 Course Catalogue. Your inclusion in the catalogue is free. Our goal is to produce 2,000 catalogues and get them in the hands of as many Hilltop youth as we can.

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